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  • Æon Flux

    Æon Flux

    The acting was bad, the story was silly, and the editing was amateur. Felt like I was watching a bunch of cheesy, loosely stitched together scenes in some budget future world. Turned it off after half an hour.

  • Weekend



    A simple story told simply. Very human. Very realistic. I loved it.

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  • The Machinist

    The Machinist


    I spent the first 90% of the movie doing two things: 1) Gasping at Christian Bale's bony form, and 2) wondering why his character Trevor wouldn't just pop a sleeping pill and get some much-needed rest. The pay off, however, at the end of the film was completely satisfying and threw the rest of the movie into a new light. For that, I liked it.

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    One of my dreams in life is to be able to watch this film again for the first time. One of the coolest experiences ever.