Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets ★★★½

This is the first Moroccan film I've seen. I was pretty impressed by it. It was difficult to find and I ended up having to read the subtitles off of a word document next to the playing film but it wasn't too difficult and my enjoyment of the film wasn't thrown off too much by it. It's interesting watching the experience of troubled youth in Casablanca and seeing how their gangs of homeless children compare to those of other films. A lot of the areas they shot had a real sense of poverty to them making the film look that much more real. The child actors were all pretty great which saves the film because most of the cast is children with a few exceptions. There are a few shots thrown in of aerial views of the docks that were really beautiful. I also enjoyed how the first scene was shot like a documentary and sets up the character of Ali and his importance to the area around him. One of things I enjoyed the most were the moments in the film that the one child would imagine animations sprouting from advertisements or stars. It was a cool creative choice the director used to add a childlike sense of wonder following some dark moments keeping the film from getting to separated from being a child's tale.

Best Part: The funeral