Adam Redman

I've watched so many romantic comedies, I'm not even sure if they were ever comedies to begin with.

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  • Parasite



    I successfully re-enacted this movie by half-heartedly learning English and then tidying my flat.

  • Rebecca



    I suppose I can conjure up an extra star for Lily James' vintage tennis outfit but besides that I'm struggling to think of anything kind to say.

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  • Transcendence


    After witnessing Johnny Depp go from an uninteresting scientist to a boring computer, I feel like I deserve some kind of commendation for having the strength of mind not to fall asleep. Here are the best parts of Transcendence, so you don't have to waste some of your brief spell on Earth watching it.

    1) Morgan Freeman glances suspiciously at his slice of birthday cake.
    2) Johnny Depp's wife feeds the reluctant actor a spoonful of purple yoghurt.
    3) The…

  • Perversion for Profit

    Perversion for Profit

    Repetitive but quite funny short that has achieved cult status, hosted by a man most likely in full lingerie and his sexy map.