Snatch ★★★★

I haven't watched this film in many years because, honestly, I had simply watched it too many times. When you get to that point where you can literally recite dialogue as you watch the film you know it's time to take a break.

After watching it again, it's easy to see why it was one of my favourite films back in high-school. The snappy dialogue. The stylish camera-work. The fast-paced editing. This was Guy Ritchie at his best, and for the last time for a very, very long while (he finally got back on form with the Sherlock Holmes films).

Granted, watching the film now as a grown-up it's clear that part of the appeal was the crude language and harsh violence. Some of it does start to come across as gratuitous and a bit silly now that I'm older but all in all the film still holds up.

Is it brilliant? Not really, but it certainly set the standard for a slew of guns-and-geezers pictures that followed (albeit most of them directed by Ritchie himself). And like I said earlier, it was certainly the best picture in Ritchies oeuvre until the Sherlock Holmes films came about.

The perfect film to kill time on a Thursday night.