Snowpiercer ★★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Bong Joon-ho Series - III

”know your place... KEEP your place!”

i feel like my confidence in reviewing films has gone down a lot lately.. probably because of this mindset where it feels pointless to repeat what someone has already said abt the film.

snowpiercer however, blew me away.

even though the journey is a single path from the back to the front, it’s so much to cover.. to state the obvious, bong is not any ordinary director but he’s the kind that can equally work as the brains and the brawn with his work by keeping everything equally balanced... a “puppeteer” if you will.

this film was absolutely gut-wrenching to me. from the unexpected, graphic violence to perhaps one of the most disturbing monologues i’ve ever heard in a film.. although this film has a seemingly-surfaced theme of class-divide, it’s true theme is natural selection. those in high power live lavishly while the less fortunate ones are literally fed grinded larvae blindly. those who rebel and try to prove a point ultimately face inhumane consequences. even after impending doom, everything still evaporates and falls back down again.. where do we go? what is there to do? why must the cycle constantly repeat itself even after demise?

this is truly a cold, heartless film. BUTTT...... in bong we trust. amen.