One of the reasons I fell in love with film was because of how it made me feel as a child. No matter what film I saw, everytime I sat in a seat in a crowded theater, I felt a sense of excitement. It was always so surreal to me, and felt larger than life. As you get older, films become a little less bigger than life. You can love them, but ultimately the theater becomes a bit smaller to you and it's no longer such an awe-inspiring experience as it once was.

"Interstellar" is the first time I've felt that way in years. Probably since the first "Avengers" flick. It's the reason why I go to the theater on a weekly basis. It's as much of a film as it is an experience; a love note to humanity. A love note to how we love, weep, and consistently find new ways to adapt. Nolan knows how to balance his sense of scope and action within the purest human emotion. The fact that this film feels so intimate, even when it travels through galaxies, is saying something extraordinary about Christopher Nolan as an artist.

When it was over, I wiped a few tears from my face and just thought. I got in my car and just stared out the window. The entire drive home was left reflecting the experience that I had. "Interstellar" is pure magic. I have no other words to describe how emotionally resonant it is, and how it makes me want to be a better human being. I totally understand the mixed reactions, but if anything, it makes me want to love it more. This expresses why love is one of the most powerful things in the universe. Absolutely beautiful.

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