The Avengers

Road to Infinity War 

I saw this exactly six years ago today. On April 14th, 2012 I went to a fan screening of The Avengers and waited in line from 4 am until they stared the film an hour late at 11 am. I will never forget this experience, because it was maybe one of the last times that a theater experience ever truly blew me away. I'm not talking about being blown away by the quality of a film that you see in theaters, but instead of being blown away by the scale and might of one particular experience; being so immersed within the mood of a theater full of people who love the very same thing that you love. The only film that has ever matched this experience was The Force Awakens. This is not to say that The Avengers and Force Awakens are the best films of their respective franchises, but they are both landmarks of a point in time for each fanbase where the sense of actually experiencing something you once thought was never plausible just simply... is. Something you dreamed about your entire geek life, but always knowingly accepting would never see the light of day.. does. Infinity War might be the last time I feel this way again unless the world somehow doesn't end or Hollywood finds new ways to crossover things I love this much. 

This film is still absolutely astonishing in every sense of the word. It's amazing how tight the script is, how brilliantly it builds up the story and intertwines it's characters. The dialogue is so damn' sharp and never ceases to amaze me. Even six years later, the first meetings between characters give me chills. Just seeing Tony Stark and Bruce Banner talk science or Steve Rogers lead a group of Avengers into battle... CHILLS. The entire third act is essentially a non-stop 40 minute sequence of clear, wide-shot action that brilliantly balances the consequences of the destruction and each Avengers place in the battle geographically... fucking phenomenal work. It still stands alongside Fury Road as some of the best action we've seen in the 21st century thus far. 

I often say that this film is up the same par as Jurassic Park and Star Wars, and my friends think I'm nuts. But truly, this is one of the only films of the 21st century that is on that same level of blockbuster filmmaking. Every single time I watch this, it feels like a genuine experience to me and that's not something you can say. Most films lose their magic within the course of rewatches - but The Avengers stands tall as the first superhero film to every truly reach this scale of ambition and have it payoff in such a culturally impactful way. I love this film with all of my heart.

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