The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★½

I'm already clamoring for the original four-hour cut. The three we're treated to are brilliant, uproariously funny and positively decadent. Scorsese exploits the madness and amorality for all it's worth, reminding us truth is stranger — and seemingly filthier — than fiction.

Everything hinges on Leonardo DiCaprio's fearless, career best performance. Crafting a character so utterly charismatic and alluring, he continually fools the audience into thinking he's growing and changing or is just slick enough to get away with anything. His arc may be bleak, but it skillfully, compellingly captures the mindset required to believe that greed and ruthless ambition conquer all. At the very least, this year's Academy Award for Best Actor race has a savior. DiCaprio and Jonah Hill's extraordinary quaalude scene is the stuff Oscar clips are made of.