Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★

Oh, how film twt is gonna DEVOUR this horrid excuse  of a movie up! 

I'll start off with the positives since those are mostly nonexistent: Maria Bakalova was AMAZING as the not-so-innocent Bee, carrying the second half of the film on her back, which itself was much more entertaining than the stagnant stan twt word bingo first half...

The negatives:
Pete Davidson
The shaky camera angles for the entire movie (Blair Witch franchise rightfully tanking for popularizing this disgusting technique!)
Almost no characters to root for as they're stuck checking off the basic satirical checkboxes needed to make its target Gen Z audience giggle...I did not.

To top it all off, the ending's "twist" was beyond offensive to the rest of the movie, bubbling the entire plot down to...that event. I can't wait to watch all the people obsessively hyped for this trash to combust when they get a half-baked whodunnit instead of the slasher they are expecting! Texas Chainsaw 2022 and They/Them have some competition for worst movie of the year now <3

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