It Follows

It Follows ★★★★

An allegory for the consequences of sex and the fear of what lies ahead of youth (adulthood/death), It Follows is orgasmically scored, brilliantly directed, and perpetually chilling. Maika Monroe does great as a youth in the midst of her own rising maturity, both to the horror of herself and the admiration of neighborhood kids. When confronted with the metaphorical "It," she displays a vulnerable terror found in scream queens of the 80's. And, like them, she also exhibits a steadfast resolve to survive with wonderful clarity. The final act does become a bit redundant, though, failing to expand on its own themes even with all of the potential to. But it doesn't ruin itself, remaining wholly satisfying the whole way through.

Despite this, the ending is startlingly unsettling, wonderfully tying up its metaphors with a chilling bow. It Follows is 100% haunting, seek it out.

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