The Babadook ★★★★½

Whoa. One of the ten best horror films of the last 14 years. Kent's control is astounding for a first-time director. The tension is so incredibly taut and bone chilling. I basically had chills the entire second half. Her control on atmosphere is commendable enough, but the humanity she hides under this evil is really well developed and emotionally resonate. I love that Babadook represents the struggle with guilt and grief. The monster is overcoming the horrors of human struggle. It just so happens they're wrapped up in this terrifying Babadook. I admire that this puts humanity to the forefront in order to maximize the incredible tension. Fear stems not only from the unknown, but the truth we try to escape (the less is more approach is fantastically put to use, btw). Davis' performance is incredibly commanding, emotional and visceral. She lunges the psychological unease into reality. Plus the imagery is gorgeously hypnotic. The final confrontation in the bedroom is amazing. Couple that with the masterful sound design. Jesus, is that sound design phenomenal. Such a beautifully creepy horror film.

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