Prometheus ★★★

Trying not to obscure my thoughts by hearing reviews or seeing too much teaser stuff I went in with an open mind. The film started promisingly with some great scenes and amazing VFX.

About part way through the film went from a comfortable carrying storyline to a full blown 100mph rush to finish the film. From structured scenes, to scenes where it felt sections were missing. There was a lot of protagonist shift around Rapace and Fassbender which was sometimes confusing. Rapace as a character was very under developed and it seemed as though the whole developement and character planning had all gone into Fassbenders character. Theron was under used with an also weak character background.

All in all it had the potential but forgot to deliver. I keep thinking that they will release a special cut on the blu-ray which will have the rest of the film on with scenes of character development and plot build.

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