The Report

The Report ★★★½

I thought this was meant to give us the truth?” 

“And the truth is... he’s lying.” 

Imagine if Spotlight and House of Cards got mashed together into molding clay and then was formed around a stellar performance by THE MAN, Adam Driver. 
That is this film. 
It’s a riveting political drama that tells an amazing story, a true story for the ages especially on the discord surrounding american detainee tactics and the stupidity surrounding the agencies & the political agenda of targeting. 
It’s a fantastic film, especially for the things that come to light that I never even knew about and it’s not even Hollywood exaggeration, you hear things in this film that are shocking in every sense of the word. 
It’s directed very well, and showcases great performances. If you’re into political dramas or accurate true event films then this is worth a watch.

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