Bridget Jones's Diary ★★★½

Quick thoughts:

Fuck it, I liked it. Colin Firth? Good. Hugh Grant? Good (Seriously, I dig me some Hugh Grant and have ever since I saw About a Boy). Rene Zellweger? Damn cute in this (trying to forget her recent face lift which also managed, somehow, to lift away all her cuteness too).

Believe it or not, being a guy I found this film easily relateable. Could Bridget Jones be the most awkward character in all of film history? Probably not, but she's up there, for sure! I feel like this whole film was about finding that one person who could love you despite your awkwardness, your quirks, your flaws and for Bridget, it was a choice between these two guys.

The scene at the beginning where Zellweger sings All by Myself, by, is it Celine Dion? is fantastic and hilarious! I was in before the opening credits were done rolling.