The Evening Star ★★½

Quick thoughts:

I think I may have still been in high school when there was talk of a Beverly Hills Cop IV and I remember how excited I was, as I was in love with those movies. Looking back Beverly Hills Cop III was atrocious and the second one is inferior to the first, while not bad. point is, as I grow older, I'm beginning to really detest sequels.

The last half hour of this was pretty good, even bringing a tear to me eye in some spots, but ultimately, this only served to mar Terms of Endearment, it's predecessor.

What is it about the sudden appearance of Nicholson's Garrett Breedlove that always makes me get all weepy? The scene in Terms of Endearment where he shows up at the airport, when last expected by Shirley MacLaine's Aurora Greenway ALWAYS gets me and his sudden appearance here did the same thing. The scene where they spread Rosie's ashes got me too. Good stuff. The rest? Skip it.