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Filmmaker/film worker, friendly neighborhood Marxist.

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  • Butter on the Latch

    Butter on the Latch

    Philippe Grandrieux filtered through a grad-schooler's take on Persona; though I don't care for Bergman's film, at least it had the decency to follow through on its narrative/emotional implications to their fullest extent. All the cool formal tidbits and front-loaded performance aspects here are drowned out by the fundamental lack of thematic cohesion. Just unsatisfying overall.

  • Days of Being Wild

    Days of Being Wild


    really don't know how I was able to connect with this so strongly when I watched it for the first time in 2018; now it just seems so flat. remember it feeling much faster paced than it actually is, tbh some of the dialogue scenes felt like a slog to watch, the whole piece feels a little too aimless for my tastes now. the primary narrative thread involving the real mother feels like it lacks weight, like it's trying to…

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  • City of Pirates

    City of Pirates


    Monumental. What can one say about a work predicated entirely on the intangible relationship between dreams and nightmares? An adventure story turned into a surrealist evocation of internal, repressed psychic trauma reverberating across achingly beautiful, Argento-esque images and moody explorations of landscape, recalling both Maya Deren and Buñuel in its haunting, allegorical make-up. This is completely up my alley: elegiac formalism meshed with poetic digressions consisting of streams-of-consciousness reminiscent of late Godard, all wrapped within an unnerving and hypnotically assured…

  • The Brown Bunny

    The Brown Bunny


    Slightly hesitant to go all-out and give this five stars (most likely will do so when I watch this again) but holy shit. Masterpiece. This is what my life is, at least my interior; where my thoughts endlessly wander to my mistakes and regrets and flaws and how I pushed someone I loved away because of them.

    Speeding off into the horizon, into silence, into the blinding light of the world and begging for forgiveness.