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There is cinema, and only cinema. Maybe video games too.

Filmmaker/film worker, writer.

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  • City of Pirates

    City of Pirates


    Monumental. What can one say about a work predicated entirely on the intangible relationship between dreams and nightmares? An adventure story turned into a surrealist evocation of internal, repressed psychic trauma reverberating across achingly beautiful, Argento-esque images and moody explorations of landscape, recalling both Maya Deren and Buñuel in its haunting, allegorical make-up. This is completely up my alley: elegiac formalism meshed with poetic digressions consisting of streams-of-consciousness reminiscent of late Godard, all wrapped within an unnerving and hypnotically assured…

  • The Young Karl Marx

    The Young Karl Marx


    The moans from critics about how this film is "safe" or "too focused on ideas" reek of white liberalism. As a work about laying the groundwork for the communist movement and the personal relationships/growth of Marx and Engels, this is all I could've hoped for. This film gave me a rush that I don't feel too often in cinema nowadays; watching the slow, steady growth of an ideology, all based around the idea that the world can and must be…