The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line ★★★★

Whenever the voice-over isn't waxing poetic about the war in the heart of nature (a theme definitely expanded upon formally throughout the film but one that isn't terribly interesting to my own sensibilities) it's the greatest war film ever made, bar none. Don't think I've ever seen a film that made me cry like I did at the suffering of human beings, and at the same time their compassion for one another. I wish it was a bit shorter, there are definitely some passages that drag (although the slower parts are still kinda nessecary for the general flow of the final third so I'm flummoxed at that) but it had been years since I had seen this and it remains a stunning achievement. Also amazing for the fact that Malick had literally never done a war film before and he just comes out of the blue making masterful battle sequences like it's the easiest thing in the world, truly the goat.

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