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  • Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror

    Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror


    1) Holmes sure is bossy. 
    2) Remember when nazis were bad? They still are. 
    3) Basil Rathbone is dreamy.

  • The Legend of Boggy Creek

    The Legend of Boggy Creek


    1) How the hell did Herb Jones shoot off part of his foot in a boating accident?
    2) I watched this on Shudder with the Joe Bob Briggs commentary. ❤️❤️❤️ Joe Bob. 
    3) I was terrified of Bigfoot as a child. Many of us raised in the Pacific Northwest were. I sympathize with my southern cryptid victim brothers and sisters.

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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    As a white-looking mixed race person, I have been privy to a lot of white people conversations that maybe weren't really meant for my ears. It's uncomfortable (especially when I inform them that I only have one white parent) but at least I get to know quickly who the racists are among the nice liberal people welcoming me to their book clubs and game groups. I don't really get scared at horror movies anymore - that's not why I watch them - but this movie had me on edge for the entire thing.

  • City of the Living Dead

    City of the Living Dead


    This is only the second Fulci film I have seen, and while part of me is embarrassed to be so late to the party, the rest of me is super excited because of all the fun ahead.