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  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    Really great. I didn't really understand that it's gonna be filled with his original music, I've never seen any of his other comedy so I don't know if this is what he does (musical comedy a-la Flight of the Concords). It's super impressive to consider the skill set needed to make something like this (he wrote, filmed, sang, played, edited everything by himself). Supremely zeitgeisty. It feels like the first great piece of art coming out of this pandemic. Hopefully…

  • Horse Girl

    Horse Girl


    One of those bizzarish indie abstractions. I thought it was maybe undercooked. It changes tone rather quickly in a way I found rather unbelievable (Sarah goes from being shy and awkward but essentially normal to full on batshit crazy within days). And then the ending kind of upends the whole setup which feels disingenuous (it would have been more interesting to keep things more ambiguous). As it is, it doesn't seem like a genuine look into mental illness or a supernatural mystery.

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  • Tales of the City

    Tales of the City


    Ultra cheesy, mostly hammy acting, bad quality image, but for some reason, it all comes together for a rather pleasant watch. It also has enough twists and turns (some of them highly ridiculous) to keep you interested. The actors are also endearing, if not the most talented bunch.

  • 15 Years

    15 Years


    Surprisingly good acting in an undercooked script. A couple with an age difference gets into trouble after touching on the topic of kids. The older guy gets into a rage and they proceed to disintegrate without us ever really understand what the older guy's issue is.