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  • They're Watching

    They're Watching


    As a guy that lives in Moldova I can assure you that this is a accurate representation of the Moldavian lifestyle.

  • Ponyo



    "I'd let a fish lick me if it'd get me out of this wheelchair."

    Studio Ghibli films have so far not disappointed me, always capturing my imagination, and warming my heart. This animated fairy tale influenced by the little mermaid story/mythology. this story follows a little boy named Sôsuke. Who finds a Goldfish by the shore, he names her Ponyo. But Ponyo is a princess who want to stay with Sôsuke and become human.

    Ponyo may be the strangest entry…

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  • Burn After Reading

    Burn After Reading


    This movie is a quirky black comedy about the craziness of relationships, self-obsessions, and mistaken-who-done-its starring George Clooney, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, Brad Pitt, and Tilda Swinton. The delicate balance of drama and black comedy precariously teeters and barely survives a credible ending. The characters are fascinating, particularly Brad Pitt's pretty out there in his wankiness. George Clooney also offers a rather compelling and out of character performance. Overall, the movie seems to over-reach its target and the script isn't…

  • Hugo



    Are you a fan of Hollywood movies? Do you prefer clear or predictable story lines? Are blockbuster action movies your cup of tea? Or romantic drama's where the characters always fall in love end up together. If so, maybe this movie is not for you.
    Scorsese absolutely hit this one out of the park. What a marvelous story told in a beautiful way. For someone who is absolutely fed up with the run of continual rubbish that has been rolling…