Certain Women ★★★½

Beside its experimental story-line, this movie offers mostly standard cinema, which isn't bad itself. It is just, well you need a comfortable couch, and some hot drink by your choice, am maybe a warm and cozy buddy like your dog, cat or someone by your choice beside you. Then this movie reveals its most value. It is about humans, people, circumstances, minds and thoughts, love and friendship, emotions, and more.

It is hard to argue this movie had a distinct and clear story-line, as the story itself, as it evolves, has not a clear pattern. Maybe just this is intentional, in order not to distract from the vivid actors, which were really a good choice. The most positive aspect is perhaps that different viewers are able to have different impressions, so its subtle, not plain.

On the negative I would mind the minor emotional commitment I felt sometimes, a little bit too shallow, not really involved, but it was definitely never overdrawn.