Hardcore Henry ★★★★

First I would like to say this is nothing like I have seen before. This is a new genre. And as the pioneer of this genre it's better than I expected.

After watching the movie I really feel like I played a nonstop video game for two hours with the hardest difficulty as it doesn't give you anytime to rest.

In a world where every action movie seems to be either a remake or based on a comic book, attempts to present its plot as being far more intelligent and worldly than it actually is, tries to squeeze in as many advertisements for the production company's other movies as it can through unnecessary subplots, and depends on CGI to make it somewhat exciting... an independent film called Hardcore Henry is made with less than 1/100 of the average Hollywood blockbuster budget and, unlike every other movie, delivers exactly what it promises: almost non-stop action from start to finish featuring the hero, a sidekick, a villain, and lots of weapons. This is one of the few action films you will have seen in at least the past 10 years that focuses on simply being entertaining as opposed to making a blatant attempt to be the next "epic".