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  • Secret Beyond the Door

    Secret Beyond the Door


    "Art is always an opening towards that which is behind, that which without art wouldn’t have been seen. And in this way a painting or a film could be a window."
    - Jean-Claude Rousseau

    Secret Beyond the Door encapsulates the concealing/disappearing quality of doors and windows, evokes the impression that there exists more than what is discernible and depicts the uncertainty of the abyss of ideas behind it, something Rousseau strived to portray throughout his career.

    One of the most…

  • Man's Gentle Love

    Man's Gentle Love


    I'm so cold,
    I can't feel your kisses.

    A tragic romance, worthy of being classified as Flaubertian. Bozon's brutally intimate camera work enchances the experience. Some of the best uses of cross-fades in recent memory.

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  • La Notte

    La Notte


    Despite not being my favourite Antonioni film, my love for his filmography has peaked with La Notte, largely due to how perfectly it fits with his other works. The thematic trilogy of L'Avventura, La Notte and L'Eclisse leaves no doubt in my mind when I think of Antonioni as one of cinema's greatest modernists.

  • Anatahan



    "We were to be bombed, we thought. For this we had been trained. This was a simple matter."