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  • Crash and Burn

    Crash and Burn


    This isn’t awful. It’s also not a sequel to Robot Jox, despite having been marketed as such. Instead, it’s more like a Hardware knockoff, which is to say that it’s a Terminator rip-off; it just isn’t as good as Hardware (or The Terminator, but that probably goes without saying). There are some cool details: e.g., the setting is a dystopian future in which robots and computers have been outlawed, but Megan Ward’s character turns out to have an illegal computer…

  • The Thirteenth Floor

    The Thirteenth Floor


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is an entertaining film with a good cast, but it’s easy to see why audiences didn’t go for it at the time (and not just because had the misfortune of opening two months after The Matrix). For one thing, it’s overly coy, withholding even basic exposition in an attempt to make the proceedings more mysterious; everything’s mushier and vaguer than it should be. Second, unlike in The Matrix and Dark City, the “big reveal” here looks goofy (and is…

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  • Firefox



    There's a stretch in the middle that's OK (involving the underground Soviet resistance), but on the whole this picture is dull and disappointing. Clint's mind seems elsewhere, and he never decided whether he was making an action film or a drama—plus, in the final reel, he shamelessly rips off STAR WARS. (His character, Gant, even hears a voice in his head saying what to do.) One can only imagine that John McTiernan took notes on what *not* to do when shooting THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

  • The Osterman Weekend

    The Osterman Weekend


    STRAW DOGS meets VIDEODROME? THE CALLER meets CATCHFIRE? NETWORK meets COMMANDO? (Or maybe INVASION U.S.A.?) Sam Peckinpah's final movie doesn't make a lot of sense, but it does feature a remarkable cast who do karate in the dark, snort cocaine, watch TV, and drink pretty cocktails with flowers in them. Oh, and who may or may not be Russian spies. It also features lines like, "Think of them as fleas on a dog hit by a car driven by a…