Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★

nein, just... nein.

ok i don't get it, why do people love this? i mean, past the entertainment factor?

the comedy/satirical approach is too broad, always pointing at itself with nothing to actually say. the imaginary hitler friend doesn't do anything for me at all. don't think we need a "not ALLLL nazis are bad, right?" discussion in 2020 especially as history, even right now, has proven otherwise. you can make a case that, yes, human beings, even evil ones, are more layered and nuanced than simple charicatures. so why is this movie so afraid to condemn some of its characters? why does it have no bite when it should be leaving marks?

there are individual elements that work such as the performances from davis, johannson, and mckenzie in addition to cinematography of malaimare jr. who always lenses his subjects and locations well.
when the focus centers on jojo and elsa as the two become acquainted, you can see the better movie take shape when it isn't being battered by taika's idea of coming of age humor mixing with tragedy. neat concepts, but i don't think taika knows how to package them into something more dangerous.

tldr; watch inglorious basterds instead.

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