Midsommar ★★★★½

While Hereditary was a poorly written, hilarious, flashy, pretentious, embarrassing, predictable, cliched, disappointment.

Midsommar improves in just about every aspect, the writing is extremely solid, the editing, cinematography, score and pace are all amazing, the framing of scenes is amazing and it adds a lot to the movies symbolism, the directing is pretty on point, and it was actually scary?, I do have some problems with the sound mixing which was used in a very strange and seemingly accidentally bad way at times, and some of the characters besides the main one aren’t that interesting, there is a good 5 minutes where the movie falls apart completely around the 2 hour mark, but it picks itself back up quickly. other than those and a few other things, this is an excellently crafted horror film that I’ll be watching again unlike hereditary which was kinda bad. This one is great 

MASSIVE improvement over Hereditary 

I thought I wasn’t gonna be impressed by Ari Aster it excited for his next film after watching Hereditary, in fact that’s the only reason I didn’t see this in theatres. But I can say that I am kind of intrigued with what he does next

9/10 closer to an 8 than a 10

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