The Souvenir

The Souvenir ★★★★★

Extremely Bold, Never Dull, Superbly Acted and Surprisingly Personal. 

The Souvenir is a film that struck a core with me in a very unique way. It’s not a romance, it’s not a coming of age story, it’s not a grand drama piece, it’s barely even a character study. It’s about a rough patch in one woman’s life, and how she can overcome it. It’s about letting go and holding on to your past. It’s about self discovery, it’s about confronting yourself and saying to a mirror; “Who am I?”, it’s a film that allows yourself to open new ideas and doors in life. It’s about not following the rules (both in filmmaking and in life) 

I loved this film in and out immensely. Where is the love for it? I see people praising the Farewell everywhere but not The Souvenir. I am intrigued by this film so much. I will definitely be watching it many many many many times over again, and I think my love for it will grow with each viewing.

I also love how the film never explicitly says anything, and rather it trusts you to connect the dots with what is happening

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