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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm glad this movie exists, glad audiences are eager to take a deep dive and reveal deeper/hidden meanings, etc. It's absolutely wild to me that this is Lupita Nyong'go's (sp?) first leading role. From top to bottom, this cast absolutely crushes it.

Much like Get Out, this one feels front heavy. Hell of an opening, transitioning to a terrific middle act. Can't help but feel this unravels during the end when it matters the most. There's an odd combination of too much exposition, and too little where rules in this world are unclear.

There's a character in the movie that behaves as if the audience is watching, that was enough to remove me from the film and roll my eyes at a "reveal" in the final act. I don't mind some misdirection, but not at the expense of character motivation. Maybe Peele is knocking down the fourth wall here? In any case, it didn't vibe with me, and didn't really come as much of a surprise/shock/desired effect. I just kinda went, "Well...yeah..."

I will line up on opening weekend for Peele's next film, and pay my $15 like I did with Get Out. Hopefully I'll enjoy the next one as much as the rest of the world.