Housebound ★★★★

As you might know from my review of Cabin in the Woods, I am not a really big fan of horror/comedy flicks, but that one definitely does it right. I love the way how Gerard Johnstone is playing with some of the most known clichés of the haunted house genre. You must not forget that this is his directorial debut. Props to Mr. Johnstone, well done. From the beginning of the movie, you have to know that you should not take everything too seriously. This is no movie that is supposed to scare you but to entertain you. Therefor, it has got everything that is necesarry. A great story, some likable characters, and some twists that keep this story alive. Maybe the script is a tad too long, but in the end I don't care about it. If you let yourself in for that movie, you will definitely have some good time.

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