One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ★★★★★

'Is that crazy enough for ya'? Want me to take a shit on the floor?'

Once the credits of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest were rolling, I was just totally speechless. Seldom has a movie sent me on an emotional rollercoaster like this one did. On the one hand, there were so many humorous moments, and on the other hand, this movie was able to affect me in a highly emotional way. This movie combined all of the things a masterpiece needs. A simple, but attractive, story, some loveable characters, lots of great performances and a very profound message.

The story of those guys, that are confined to an asylum and suppressed by their nurses, is less a story about the inmates itself than more a parable of suppression and abuse of power. The central character Randle Patrick McMurphy, a guy that is confined to this asylum because he's trying to avoid his imprisonment, is trying to overcome the system in this asylum. However, the nurse Mildred Ratched is willing to do everything to ensure that McMurphy's willingness, to disturb the normal flow in her asylum, will be broken. Therefore, she spears no efforts.

A lot of actors, that later became very famous, gave their debut here. For instance, it is Christopher Lloyd or Danny DeVito that could be named here. Everyone of McMurphy's fellow mates did a great job in here. I have to point out Chief Bromden, embodied by Will Sampson. I loved his character so much, and his performance was outstanding. That Louise Fletcher was honoured with an Oscar was more than well-deserved as well. Her performance of Mildred Ratched was simply outstanding. Nevertheless, there was one man that stole the show: Jack Nicholson. I haven't seen enough of his other performances yet in order to be able to say that this was the greatest performance of his career, but boy, I can't imagine that there would be anything better. I really adored his performance of R.P. McMurphy, it was a delight to watch him. There are simply so many things that this man can do with his face, there are so many expressions that he has in stock, it's sheer unbelievable. His Oscar also was very-well deserved, this was one of the finest performances I have seen by now.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest asks lots of questions. What is good and what is evil? What is mental illness? Who are the bad guys in this asylum, the harmless inmates or their task masters? There are a lot of answers, but I won't list them. Please try to ascertain them for yourself while watching this movie. It definitely will be worth your time.

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