Dune ★★★★

Looks great, sounds great, feels great.

And yes, I like Dune (Part One), and Villeneuve does an amazing job, as always. However, it lacks a bit of emotion, in my opinion, which is why I'm not fully invested yet. Part of the problem is that every character is cool and badass. Even the protagonist is extremely capable and confident which is contrary to how the hero's journey normally works. There is character development in this film but it's subtle and not explained, at all (I'm talking about the visions and how Paul reacts to them). On the other hand there are lines of exposition in this movie that feel forced and are obviously just information for the viewer.

That might sound worse than my rating and I have to admit that there are certain aspects that just make up for most of its weaknesses, most importantly Villeneuve's direction, the scifi designs, the beautiful cinematography and the amazing cast which does a perfect job.

I hope that I'll be more into it with Part Two, for now I mostly feel as if I've watched an entire first season of a show in one session.

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