A Ghost Story ★★★★

tips for enjoying this movie if you didn’t like it the first time:

1. don’t watch in the middle of the day. wait till it’s depression o’clock
2. skip over the weird second act. the ugly pretentious guy in overalls interrupts the flow of this movie and how that scene made it into the final cut i will never understand 
3. watch at full volume and let the music FILL YOUR SOUL im pretty sure that score made me feel every emotion 
4. similarly, listen to the song i get overwhelmed. this goes for everyone that song is a banger 
5. watch it again (HEAR ME OUT) the first time i saw this i mentally compared it to both ain’t them bodies saints and manchester by the sea and while i like both of those movies a little bit better, i think this one just requires closer attention. it’s (somehow) quieter and it’s slow but it wasn’t as disappointing as i thought the first time. there’s my one long review of the year now i can retire

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