Anna Karenina ★★★½

the signs as my absolute favorite things about this movie: 

aquarius: aaron taylor johnson’s curly blonde hair. also the person whose job it was to curl his mustache upwards every morning

aries: ruth wilson’s bleached eyebrows

cancer: my two favorite tv actresses kelly macdonald and michelle dockery

capricorn: cara delevingne having zero lines; acting purely through eyebrow motions

gemini: me recognizing the actress who played moaning myrtle by her voice 

leo: keira knightley’s perm and the little hats she manages to fit over it

libra: the waltz scene where alicia vikander starts crying because aaron taylor johnson won’t dance with her 

virgo: the sensual kiss of a gloved hand and the indisputable fact that there is no non-creepy way to do that 

sagittarius: bill skarsgard’s two second cameo that i blinked and MISSED

scorpio: jude law’s mysterious hairline

taurus: domhnall gleeson hastily proposing and then apologizing and then asking “but will you tho?”; then spending the rest of the movie sulking around about it

pisces: saoirse ronan turning down alicia vikander’s role so she could go star in The Host (2013) instead