Hereditary ★★★★★

im very concerned about the teenage girl gleefully chopping walnuts at the party.....number one she’s holding the knife with both hands SMASHING it into a pile of nuts. unsafe and alarming! number two, what kind of sociopath adds nuts to a chocolate cake they’re serving at a party? lots of people have allergies! put out a disclaimer! also, nuts are gross! not everybody likes them! have you no regard for the safety of others? 

this girl...somebody needs to watch out for her. she has killed before and will kill again

EDIT 2/17/2019: i'm listening to the blank check podcast that was released today and they just mentioned that the cake didn't have nuts in it, but was sliced with the same knife that the girl above chopped the nuts with earlier in the evening. so this review has been debunked, ari aster is a genius, and this is one of the best written movies i have seen in a long long time

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