Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★★

after SO much consideration i think i finally understand the real reasons they cast an outsider (a non swede!) as young stellan skarsgard—

gustaf looks too much like ralph fiennes. mustached voldemort does not blend in to the abba cinematic universe very well

bill has a raw vampiric energy that keeps him from going out in the sun. i also don’t know if he’s ever smiled in a non pennywisey way. i do know, however, that his steve buscemi eyes are not for everyone but I do appreciate his evil aura. happy birthday bill you undead daddy. undaddy

alexander is too hot and it wouldn’t have been fair to the other 2 guys

hollywood has a personal vendetta against me and refuses to cast valter in any american films so i have to keep watching his live streams on twitch at 3 in the afternoon. he’s hot he just needs the right haircut u bullies 

PLEASE let me direct mamma three-a so i can right these wrongs

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