No Country for Old Men ★★★★

we do not talk about the 2007/8 oscars enough. this was 13 years ago. there was a writers strike. barack hussein was on the cusp of election. this year had everything:

• daniel day-lewis
• baby saoirse ronan
• a win for ratatouille, the best pixar film

• tommy lee jones got a best actor nomination for a different movie
• surf’s up for animated feature (when it should have been in documentary short)
• jon stewart called one of the nominees “not good” like 5 minutes into his monologue

• falling slowly won best song. there was one other nominee and then the remaining three were all from enchanted (well deserved)
• a nomination for transformers
• two roger deakins losses 

• a weird five BP nominee year with room for....michael clayton? ok
• lars and the real girl! jesse james! gone baby gone! three movies i am constantly defending to myself when i am inner monologuing
• TWO nominations for transformers?

• cameron diaz mispronouncing cinematography as “cinnamon tography” yes i am serious 
• a best picture win for this sexy fucking piece of a film

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