Steve Jobs ★★★★½

goddamn! what a great example for how biopics should be made. it doesn’t even feel like one! why? because it focuses in on a specific moment in time which sets it apart from the awful formula that so many fall into:

1. roll footage of main character as child
2. jump to early adulthood
3. success! failure. success! failure. 
4. big success!
5. big failure
6. rise back up to the top
7. final moments of glory fade into pictures of the real-life person and some “WHERE ARE THEY NOW” text

obviously it’s fine for your movie to have some of those elements but when it follows these exact steps it ends up being soooo predictable and boring to watch. and yet we see it all the time! the great thing about Steve Jobs is that it doesn’t waste any time. it opens on “1984. cupertino. macintosh launch.” the computer can’t say hello. right away we know SO much about the characters and the setting! right away! and it doesn’t try to fit a lifetime into a single movie. it’s SO hard to successfully do that. so instead it zooms in and gives us a juicy two hours that feels so fresh and almost like fiction. god it’s so good

much like in THE SOCIAL NETWORK they trust the audience to be smart enough to catch up. the opening moments of a movie are so valuable and father aaron knows this better than anyone. i wish every movie was like this