The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ★★★★★

(+ fincher commentary)

i have spent a lot of my life rewatching movies and i cannot recommend it enough. here is my three-watch system for guaranteed comprehension

first watch: go in blind if you can. i like to watch on a laptop that is resting on my chest so you get a big-screen experience. make sure the room is completely dark so u don’t have to look at your weird reflection

second watch: i repeat the process but this time with subtitles. with the first watch i can take in the visuals and performances but subtitles help me take in little details and plot points that i might have missed or misunderstood the first time. i usually find small nuances in the dialogue that stick out. this time it was:

“you know what’s harder than
shooting someone? just missing them. that was a very good shot up at the cabin.”
“well it didn’t work. i’m here.”
“mikael, it did work. you’re here.”

so fucking good i could scream

third watch: watch with commentary from the director and/or screenwriter. it’s the filmmaker walking you through the process of making the movie in real time and it is something we all take for granted! commentary tracks really help bring films out of the abstract if you are studying directing/writing. it’s especially interesting when it’s someone as meticulous and detailed as david fincher. plus you get to hear him call mikael a bimbo 

required? no. helpful? yes fool. think of the amount of work that goes into a movie. a competent movie is a miracle, so a great one is worthy of multiple watches. if you find it daunting i want you to think about the people who had to CG a tiny little part in rooney mara’s bangs for continuity in a 20 second scene of this movie. do it for them

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