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This review may contain spoilers.

funniest part of this movie is brenda song lighting the scarf on fire in wardo's apartment. now im no historian but i can say with utter confidence that that didnt actually happen. why did they include it. he hands her a wrapped present, tells her exactly whats inside, rushes off to answer his other girlfriend mark. meanwhile shes already pissed. does she even open it? probably not. sets it ablaze. drops it in the trash can. wardo is already buggin. got no pants on. "holy shit!......whatisWRONGWITHYOUUU!" DROPS his flip phone to rush over and extinguish it. doesnt explain to mark whats happening. wardo has full knowledge of how to use a fire extinguisher. finishes his call with mark on a sweet note. looking optimistic then BAM wardo? "AAHHHH!!" does a home alone scream. whips around once more. "youre going back there already?" hes so scared. scared but still got those manners. wardo baby you should call the police! he just says "yes! and also im breaking up with you!" hes so kind. not even a little bit angry. just so scared. of brenda song. this is a comedy

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