Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

This was definitely a whole experience. Raw yet tender at the same time, Sound of Metal is a hard pill to swallow.

The film takes us on the journey of Ruben, a drummer who looses his hearing but is not yet ready to accept his new life.

What I loved most about this, is how it doesn't hold back when it comes to show the way Ruben hears things. Its impeccable and immersive sound design can sometimes be stressful, but it is necessary to understand Ruben's frustration.
The sound design is also used as a tool to exteriorize Ruben's inner fight with himself. It's birds against car sounds, nature against city, sound against silence... it's his past life vs his new life.

Despite its great sound design, I think it's fair to say Sound of Metal's biggest virtue relies on Riz Ahmed. His performance here was flawless, not only because of what he shows but especially because of what he keeps to himself.
The say a good actor isn't someone who cries all the time, but someone who tries to hold back his tears, and Riz Ahmed's performance is a perfect example of that.

This IS the best film of the year (Mank who??), and just letting everybody know: my campain for Riz Ahmed's Oscar has officially begun.

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