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  • Frozen



    Saw it because of the "as great as Tangled" hype, and while that's not entirely true, I did enjoy the movie. It's the highest quality Disney, a bit too feminine for my tastes, but still delivering unforgettable characters and a few gags that made me piss my pants. The one unique thing about Frozen are the theme and message, but I do believe that revealing what they are would be a spoiler.

    Let's be honest, you have certain expectations and hopes when you watch a movie like that, and this movie delivers -- especially after the uneven opening half an hour.

  • Zodiac



    A Wikipedia entry on the Zodiac Killer in a movie form, with phenomenal cinematography, acting and directing.

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  • Horsemen



    A study in how to slowly corrupt a great movie until it becomes a total mess.

    This serial killer mystery begins perfectly: with truly amazing cinematography and an interesting premise (even if the hero and the set up are a bit cliché). There's just something in the air and while you don't have any illusions that it's going to be another Se7en, the movie seems to be of high enough quality and polish.

    And then with each minute it keeps…