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This review may contain spoilers.

Brilliant lesson on the magic of film and acting in the theatre scene! The man on stage clearly explains in the beginning of the show that everything is fake. He introduces a guy singing at a trumpet, but then the guy stops singing, yet the song continues. You understand it was not him singing.

In spite of this, right afterwards you get fully dragged into believing the woman on stage. Her singing shakes you to the core. But then you see her falling to the ground, yet again the song continues. Of course, it was not her singing. Seconds ago you were clearly warned that everything is fake, yet the performance made you instantly forget all that.

And David Lynch places the two leads as audiences in the theater. You see them having transformative experiences just like yours, at the same time with you. You realise that you are the audience. You are looking at yourself being transformed by the performance on stage and forgetting that nothing is real.

The man on stage, suggestively dressed as illusionist, is David Lynch telling you "See, I told you it's fake, yet you still believed it! That's the power of filmmaking & performing arts!".

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