The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★½

Martin Scorsese does not do a better job of showing weird stuff at wall street than Oliver Stone did with Wallstreet ( I and II). Perhaps a bit more greedy yet, and a lot more explicit stuff with sex, drugs and rock&roll. A bit more humor too. There are some nice quotes in there: It is better that *I* have the money, at least i know what to do with it. Still it is a bit to American for my taste, too moralistic: it truly happended, and in the end the bad guy gets caught, so justice wins in the long run. No wonder it's good for the Oscars: they seem to have mixed up politics and appreciation for good movie making before. Still this is not a bad movie, the story is well developed, Some of the characters really are, and they are given time to show their quirks. Still,three hours (2 minutes shy of 3 hours) is too long for this movie. Sometimes it drags, it could have been at least half an hour shorter. The depicted atmosphere in the firm, and especially the acting by Leonardo is very well done, and makes this worthwhile.