Cruella ★★★

This has some fun bits but
*music cue*
It’s hard to
*music cue*
get any traction
*70’s rock music cue*
on the st
*classic rock music cue*
ory or characters
*music cue*
*music cue*

*needle drop moment*
There are
*music cue*
so. many.
*punk music cue*
mu*music cue*sic cues and
*music cue*
*70s music cue*
*music cue*

Emma is pretty great, really enjoyed the performance--everyone else is serviceable but no one stands out, not even Thompson. Some great cinematography. Story is ok but structured poorly and drags on--by the time the real fun and whimsical moments start kicking up it's well into the 2nd half and you're running on fumes.

The style and story have some merit but it comes across very heavy handed and forced in a lot of cases--mostly due to..yes, the music cues. How many do we need? There has to be at least 30. It was insane, and really took me out of things. At a certain point it's using music in lieu of actual storytelling and I found that to be very gimmicky and unfortunate.

Overall, I could see why people are having a lot of fun with this. It wasn't great, but Stones performance and the production may entice me to throw it on in the background one day in the future.

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