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Favorite films

  • The Virgin Spring
  • American Movie
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Diabolique

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  • Jaws: The Revenge


  • 976-EVIL


  • Black Sabbath


  • The Hound of the Baskervilles


Recent reviews

  • 976-EVIL



    Hooptober 10.0

    #3) 976-EVIL (1988) dir. Robert Englund
    Category: "3 Satan/Devil centered films" – (1/3)

    A few years ago I read a fantastic book that really resonated with me, called "Satanic Panic: Pop-Culture Paranoia in the 1980s". It's a collection of essays from many folks of various backgrounds who were impacted and shaped by the paranoid thinking from the Reagan era. A large portion of its focus surrounds films that either reflected or influenced, often subconsciously or unintentionally, some of the…

  • Jaws 3-D

    Jaws 3-D


    Hooptober 10.0

    #2) Jaws 3-D (1983) dir. Joe Alves

    Category: "8 Decades" – 1980s (1/5)

    I recently revisited Steven Spielberg’s JAWS, not having seen it in well over a decade. I’ve always found its legacy fascinating; it’s a very solid thriller with almost no plot. Obviously Spielberg grew in different directions as a filmmaker over the years, and arguably was still establishing a “style” at this point. But that film by itself synthesized some very primitive fears of our culture…

Popular reviews

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    The Hollywood saturation of superhero films has made most of these theater ventures rather tiresome for me these days, since 90% of the time the films feel like wasted opportunities of potent ideas involving the conquering of adversity and the discovery of human strength, value of teamwork, etc. Joss Whedon managed to amalgamate a symphony of characters rather impressively with "The Avengers", and after "Iron Man 3" I had hope for the upward slant of superhero flicks. Perhaps I simply…

  • Skinamarink



    Here is a rare instance where I actually avoided watching this film for several weeks, simply because the trailer was too damn scary. Very little *truly* frightens me these days, but I knew I was in store for something that gave my soul shivers.
    And boy howdy, did it deliver.

    This is the utter peak of subliminal and surrealist horror, which knows how to aggravate the subconscious dreamscapes of the mind in the most subtle and powerful ways. At least,…