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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

One of my all time favourite films and probably my favourite Spike Lee joint. The actions of serial killer Sam Berkowitz, provide the backdrop to the story as we follow the lives of several characters in a neighbourhood in New York. The tense and dangerous atmosphere expertly created by Spike, really comes through and puts into context some of the actions of some of the characters, I.e paranoia, doubt and anger.

The performances are also fantastic, especially from Adrian Brody and John Leguizamo. I think Leguizamo, gave a fantastic performance as a sleazy, paranoid and selfish man. He finds a way to gain compassion from the audience through his friendship with Brody’s character and how they interact.

Ultimately, the reason I love this movie is that I think it brilliantly conveys the danger of stereotyping and provides insight into the dangerous dynamics of mob mentality. A gripping story, with compelling characters and great music (punk and disco!), thank you Spike.