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  • News of the World

    News of the World


    It looks really pretty and it’s nice but, it feels... basic? Like, it goes for surface-level crowd pleasing stuff when it doesn’t have to. I also think Hanks’ character whitewashes Cicada into Joanna, but I might be wrong. I also didn’t really buy the relationship between Captain and Joanna. It doesn’t feel earned and I wasn’t really invested in it.

    Rating: 5/8

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic the Hedgehog


    If you were ever a Sonic fan in your life I don’t see why you wouldn’t at least be charmed.

    Also am I a maniac for actually liking Eggman’s portrayal in this movie?

    Rating: 5/8

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  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future


    I’ve seen this many times but shockingly enough, I’ve never logged it.

    This is actually the movie that got me into movies. I was the only person who hadn’t seen it among a decently large group of people, so I watched it, and decided that I needed to see more movies.

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    I... I don’t even know if I can express how I feel about this film. I think I liked it more than The Irishman... I guess I don’t know at the moment, but... wow...

    Marriage Story is impeccable. It is directed beautifully, acted profoundly, and written so incredibly. I cannot rave about the writing enough. It’s astonishingly good. The last family drama to make me feel even close to this way was (coincidentally enough) Lady Bird, but that’s also a…