• Adult titles

    Does Letterboxd list adult titles?

    Yes, as of August 2021, a curated selection of historically, culturally, controversially and artistically significant adult films is available on Letterboxd. Read our blog post on the topic for more information and context.

  • How do I access the pages for adult film titles?

    There is an option on the first tab of your web profile Settings to allow adult titles (and related activity) to appear in search results and in your activity feed. In our apps, this option is found in the Advanced Settings section.

  • How do I identify an adult title on your service?

    Adult titles have a red ‘Adult’ badge on our web version, and will be similarly identified in a future update of our apps. So-called “softcore” films don’t qualify as adult and are not tagged in this way. If you spot a title that is marked as ‘Adult’ on TMDb but does not have a red badge with us, please use the Report function to let our team know.

  • Will I see adult film pages or reviews if I don’t enable this setting?

    Mostly, no. If you don’t enable the adult setting, you won’t see these pages in search results or mentioned in your activity feed—even if a member you follow reviews an adult film—but it’s possible you may come across an adult title while using our service, for example if a member has included an adult title in a list, or if you are browsing certain areas of their profile. With the setting disabled, even if you see an adult title somewhere on our service, its poster will be pixelated.

  • Why are you now allowing adult film pages?

    We import our film data from The Movie Database (TMDb), and when we launched we opted not to import titles with the Adult flag set, because we did not have an opt-in mechanism to handle them. We recently prioritized work in this area, so we can now display these titles for members who want to see them.

  • How did you decide which adult films to import?

    We assembled a panel of experts to help us curate the initial list of adult titles, and to improve the TMDb pages for these titles (and more to come). Read more about the process and context.

  • What counts as an adult film?

    You can read more about TMDb’s adult film guidelines here and here.

  • Why are some adult films not included?

    The project is a work in progress. We have prioritized feature-length, narrative films that had theatrical releases and/or some other curatorial basis for inclusion. We further prioritized films with available assets including posters, basic synopses, cast and crew details, etc. We’re open to suggestions for further inclusion provided films meet the criteria described in our introductory blog post. Please email suggestions to:  (we’ll read your submission but we can’t promise a reply).

  • I’m seeing pixelated posters for adult films. How do I fix this?

    You’ll need to enable the option in Settings to see adult content (including posters). Note that adult-film posters in our apps are always pixelated, to comply with platform rules. If you wish to view adult posters on a handheld device, please use our mobile website.

  • Why do I see a pixelated poster in Wes Craven’s filmography?

    Because Wes Craven, among other film directors, also delved into porn and erotica.

  • What happens if I include an adult title in a list and a member with their adult setting disabled browses my list?

    The member will see a pixelated poster in your list, representing the film. If they open the page/screen for the film, the poster will remain pixelated, but the title, synopsis and accompanying content will be visible (and the film will sport a red ‘Adult’ badge on our web version).

  • How does your Community Policy cover reviews of sexual and explicit film content?

    Our community policy governs all written contributions to Letterboxd, including entries related to adult titles. Prior to adding these titles, Letterboxd already contained many film titles with explicit sexual content.

  • I’m seeing reviews of adult content that don’t feel good to read on Letterboxd. What should I do?

    As with all content on our service, you may use the Report function to let our moderators know about anyone breaching our published policies. We rely on our members to let us know if there’s something we need to take a look at.

  • Can I include adult films in my four favorites?

    Yes. Members who have enabled the display of adult content will see the poster on your profile, those with the option disabled will see a pixelated poster.

  • What happens if I share adult links to other social channels?

    We only share the pixelated version of a poster for adult titles. If you wish to manually attach the original poster, you’re welcome to do so, and you’ll be subject to the content policies on those networks.

  • Will the ‘Where to Watch’ section include adult titles?

    No. JustWatch doesn’t aggregate for adult sites, so availability links won’t be displayed.

  • I previously logged or reviewed an adult film that was subsequently removed. Will my activity be restored?

    This depends on whether the new page was imported from the same source listing on TMDb. If you recall the title of an adult film that was previously on Letterboxd but has not been reinstated, please let us know.

  • What types of adult films will not be included?

    The emphasis is on feature-length and short narrative films with a significant reason for admission, including based on the film’s classic or cult status, theatrical release, festival selection and/or other curatorial basis for inclusion (read more on our blog). We will not be importing content made for PornHub or other X-rated streamers, most contemporary TV parodies (where we do not already host a page for the original series) or animated pornographic films (such as hentai).

  • Can I import the pages for adult titles myself?

    No. Adult titles must be approved and imported by Letterboxd support staff. You may request consideration for a title as described here.