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  • RoboCop



    Part man, part machine, all cop.

    There are some films that are extremely accessible and direct in terms of plot, bolstering action that is effective and gripping, while at the same time having depth and poignant messages. RoboCop is maybe the most famous of those, a film that became a pop-culture icon and went on to get 2 sequels (devoid of the richness of the first entry), a cartoon series, comics, video games, and soon a remake. This turn of…

  • Pacific Rim

    Pacific Rim



    We've become unimaginative these days when it comes to thinking about vanquishing unnatural threats. When faced with a problem such as a big monster rampaging around, the best solution people can come up with is to tell the air force to hit it using A-10 planes. And if that doesn't work, they figure they should just nuke it. Nobody ever wants to think about more creative slutions about these things anymore, like…

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  • The Man Who Saves The World

    The Man Who Saves The World


    Turkish Star Wars is praised by some as a funny film, and bashed by others as a terrible film. However practically none of these people really got it (maybe the subtitles have something to do with it, but I only saw it in the original language so I can't comment on that).

    To "get" TSW, you first have to keep in mind the status of cinema in Turkey in the '80s. I think it's safe to say that even at…

  • Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell


    One of the definitive pillars of the Cyberpunk genre. Visually stunning, very moody and contemplative. I was very impressed by Jin-Roh, but Ghost in the Shell is even more impressive. There's little action, but that small amount of action there is gripping and realistic. The world building and the technologies employed are perfect. The animation is also shining, whether it's seeing the Major get into a shootout with a machine, jumping from cover to cover as the machine's weapons tear…