Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★

Hello babes…….guess who’s backkkkk……
So it’s definitely been a while but I felt this the right time to return since in kinda settling into my new life at Uni and needed some time away from my very beloved LB.

However….now that I’m back….I’m back watching movies and returning to the long form review pieces i adore writing. So prepare for that. 

Onto the subject of my critique today.
Do Revenge, the latest in Netflix’s line of sun-kissed california teen rom-coms….is quite fun….until it isn’t. My primary gripe with Do Revenge comes in the form of its last half hour rife with erratic writing and a distortion of some of the albeit prosaically established themes and virtues. It creates an overlong air about the whole thing and just….doesn’t work in general. The twist seemed well done initially but makes less sense as the plot moves on. 

Regardless, its quite a fun watch, especially the first half that’s genuinely engaging and a cute channeling of the usual teen rom-com tropes and set in motion a plot that’s somewhat quirky yet simultaneously intriguing. Cami Mendes is fine except when she does her wannabe Blair Waldorf thing, Hawke is clearly in the yas girl era and shockingly enough Sophie Turner is actually funny in the 2 scenes she’s in😭. 

Overarchiny I wouldn’t be turned away by the rating since in something that has this nature isn’t made to be….well…amazing so for what it’s meant to be…Do Revenge does its best at what it intends to. 


Sidenote: Finished Breaking Bad (and a couple other shows too)..….genuinely riveting experience. Also I honestly think this is one of the worst things I’ve ever written, but at least it’s start after having been on pause for about four weeks. 
See you in a but, xoxo

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